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We know what it’s like looking around on the internet for new songs. What you typically end up with is a bunch of websites with lots of reading and clutter on the pages. What you really want are the new songs 2010, period. Our goal with this website is to bring you the latest songs of 2010 in just one click. That means less clutter with an emphasis on the content you want.

Like any other year, the buzz around new songs from Akon and Lil Wayne starts early. 2010 will be no exception. We will give you the new songs 2010 from the genres including: hip hop songs, rap songs, dance songs, rock songs, love songs, dance songs, pop songs and other popular songs of 2010.

We also understand that in your question for new songs 2010 that you simply want to know what songs are coming out. Therefore, we will provide you with the important release dates from the artists that are important to you. Once again we will list the songs release dates according to the genres to make your search much easier.

songs 2010We know the popularity of hip hop songs and rap songs and will be focusing a lot of our content on these two genres. There are many great new songs released on a weekly basis it seems. We need to be well informed to provide you the most reliable and updated rap songs and hip hops songs listings. We are up to the challenge!

The gift of mp3’s is something new to this generation. Shopping for songs that you don’t know about? We will give you the new songs so you don’t have to be an expert on the different genres. All you need to know is what genre of songs the person enjoys, and then you can buy the songs they will love!

With a lot of songs released today, it’s not surprising that most people are buying individual songs instead of albums. Picking and choosing songs from your favorite rap, hip hop, dance, pop, rock artists is much more fun and a lot less regrettable.

We’ve just launched our website in late 2009! Please bookmark us now, then check back as we add all the New Songs 2010 resources that you will ever need. Remember, we’re listening to you! If you want a certain genre of songs to be added on our website, we will gladly do that for you! Thanks for stopping in for a visit and please check back with us shortly!

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Aside from just bringing you the most current new songs 2010, we want to offer you profiles of the most populars artists in 2010. We want to keep fresh content that you will enjoy reading!

Lady GaGa

hip hop 2010


In 2010, expect Lady GaGa to be an award winning artist. Since April 2008 when she first released her single “just dance”, her popularity has grown substantially. Her influences range from David Bowie and Freddy Mercury to Madonna and Michael Jackson. Expect many new artists to list Lady GaGa as one of their influences.

Her growth in popularity wasn’t instant. In fact, her first song was a huge hit in the club scene long before she made it big with mainstream radio playing her songs. Her next biggest song was “poker face” which launched her into the top artists in 2009 which will certainly be the same in 2010.

What sets Lady GaGa apart from many artists is the fact that she writes her own songs. Songwriting talent is another unique aspect of Lady GaGa.



Bad Romance – 2009

The Fame Monster – 2009

The Fame – 2008

songs 2010
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Jay Sean

latest 2010 songs


It’s always interesting to read about the various artists and new songs. Take Jay Sean for example. He was in school studying to be a doctor when his first single took off and was offered a recording contract by Virgin Records. Regardless of his international success he was later dropped by Virgin Records and released his second album. Needless to say things worked out for the best. Now he’s going to be one of the top sellers in 2010. Just watch it happen!


  • All or nothing – 2009
  • Maybe – 2008
  • Ride It – 2008

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Adam Lambert

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I remember watching Adam Lambert on Larry King Live right after the American Idol finale. He was there with the winner. What’s his name? My point is, Adam Lambert is a star. He has presence. His personality is big and that interview proved it. He didn’t win American Idol but he is the chosen one.New songs 2010 will be seeing a lot of Adam Lambert. His debut album is full of various styles but expect his next album to be more true to himself. There are going to be big things coming out of Adam Lambert in 2010. My prediction is that he will indeed be one of the top American Idol contestants who sees the best selling songs and albums.He made his mark in the theater world before hitting the mainstream thanks to his exposure on American Idol. I think anyone watching would agree that in terms of raw singing talent, Adam was the king.


  • For your entertainment – 2009

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latest 2010 songs


Ludacris is from Atlanta where he was a DJ on a local radio station. It was during his DJ job that he found his way into the rap scene. Fast forward to 2010 and now Ludacris is considered the best Southern Rapper of all time.His first album release was Incognegro. He recorded the independent album in 2000. It was from this release that Ludacris found regional distribution for the album. From this, he was able to break in the Billboard Top 200. This paved the way to his signing a record contract with Def Jam.Ludacris has released many albums since 2000. Many of these albums have great songs which have made him a truely successful artist. Lots to look forward to in 2010. He has sold over 17 million records in the US and a whopping 24 million worldwide.


  • Back for the First Time – 2000
  • Word of Mouf – 2001
  • Chicken-n-Beer – 2003
  • The Red Light District – 2004
  • Release Therapy – 2006
  • Theater of the Mind – 2008

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New Release – Hip Hop / Rap Songs

songs 2010new songs 2010new rap songs 2010new hip hop songs

new hip hop songs 2010

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New Release – Rap Hits – Various Songs

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new rap songs 2010

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new songs 2010

Now that we have entered the new songs 2011, why not look back at the best song of 2010! This list is based on a collection of different sources on the internet. Since songs are a personal choice we think that listing them in no particular order is the best option. So these are the best 2010 songs in our opinion and our research.

new songs

new songs 2011

[much more coming]

New Songs 2010 Polls

Help us help you. For fun we’ve included a few polls about your favorite songs and what your shopping habits are. Do you go to the store and buy music cd’s?


Best Albums of 2010

best albums of 2010


Now that 2010 has past you want to know the best albums of 2010? We’ve found some of the most reputable lists around so here you go: Rolling Stone Best Albums of 2010 list and Spin Magazine Best Albums of 2010.

Welcome to our website featuring the best albums of 2010. Regardless of your musical preferences we will have valuable resources if you’re shopping for the best albums of 2010. We don’t want to bog your search down with the extras. Here you can expect to get the best albums 2010 listings in just one click. If you want more information and resources about each of the best albums of 2010 we will have those too, but our focus is to give you the meat. Just the best albums.

We are going to provide reliable listings of the best albums. When you come here to check the listings throughout 2010 we are confident that you will be completely happy buying them. How can we be so sure that our listings are accurate? Our little secret is that we won’t be looking at just one or two sources for the best albums of 2010. There are lots are variables. For example, how many times have you bought the best selling album only to find that it wasn’t that great? Best selling means great marketing and hype more often than not. Once you get past the initial release of an album, you will see if it has legs. Afterall, if you buy an album and realize it’s not great, chances are you will tell your friends about it. If sales of an album are consistent or increase over time, it’s a good indication that it could be one of the best albums out.

Our criteria will be extensive enough to create reliable best albums of 2010 lists. Take it to the bank! Sure there are critics, and some of those opinions matter. Customer comments are also great indicators of what the best albums really are. Don’t worry, you won’t have to read all the reviews or all the customer comments. We do it for you and crunch it down so that all you have to see is the list.

People often say there isn’t great music or albums being released. We disagree! There is a lot of great new albums coming out, however it’s often from the bands that have been around forever.

Best of albums seem to top many of the charts. People tend to hold onto their past especially when it comes to music. It’s not hard then to understand why most of the best albums recently are from artists that no longer live and breathe here on earth. People claim the best music from from the 60’s and it’s hard to argue that fact. When there are tours, who are the best grossing? Yes, it’s the classic bands that have been around forever.

So our predictions include best of or compilation albums from some long time bands and artists. It’s just the way it goes these days.

New Rap Songs 2010

#1 Source for Rap 2010

As we launch this section of our website, you will get updated hourly listings of the best new rap songs 2010. Forget about 2009, we are focused only on what’s current and what’s hot in rap 2010. Sound good?

Aside from just songs, we will also profile the best rappers of 2010 of those rap artists who are coming out with new songs or albums. We want to be current and if there is a rap artist in 2010 that you need some info on, we will be your source!

Snoop Dogg

latest rap 2010 songs

Snoop Dogg is a prolific rap artist and has many collaborations, songs and albums to his credit. New songs from Snoop Dogg in 2010 are going to be a sure thing.

Snoop Dogg is a true gansta. Well a former gangster. He was a member of the Crips in high school. He spent three years in prison for a drug offense and went on after to become one of the top selling rap artists of today.

His debut album was called Doggystyle and it was quadruple platinum. His songs are popular across the world and new rap songs 2010 will certainly include Snoop Dogg.

Not only does Snoop Dogg rap, but he has starred in many motion pictures and hosted television shows. A rap artist who can do it all.


  • Doggystyle – 1993
  • Tha Doggfather – 1996
  • Da Game Is to Be Sold, Not to Be Told – 1998
  • No Limit Top Dogg – 1999
  • Tha Last Meal – 2000
  • Paid tha Cost to Be da Boss – 2002
  • R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta): The Masterpiece – 2004
  • Tha Blue Carpet Treatment – 2006
  • Ego Trippin’ – 2008
  • Malice n Wonderland – 2009


Official Snoop Dogg Website

Snoop Dogg Wikipedia Page


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new rap songs 2010
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rap 2010

Considering that Eminem was 26 when he was discovered, you could say he was a late bloomer. Since his bebut album, there has been no looking back.

In 1999, his debut The Slim Shady, won a Grammy for the best rap album. His follow up album was the fastest selling rap album ever!

How good is Eminem? Well if you consider Grammy awards a big deal, then Eminem is a top dog. He won Best Rap Album three consectutive years! Many publications consider Eminem the best rapper on the planet. Based on his global album sales, this is an accurate statement.


  • Infinite – 1996
  • The Slim Shady LP – 1999
  • The Marshall Mathers LP – 2000
  • The Eminem Show – 2002
  • Encore – 2004
  • Relapse – 2009
  • Relapse:Refill – 2009
  • Relapse 2 – 2010


Official Eminem Website

Eminem Wikipedia Page

new rap 2010

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new rap songs 2010

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Akon 2010

#1 Akon New Songs 2011 Listings

One of the hottest artists is Akon. Do we need to tell you that? Probably not! However you might be new to the music of Akon and perhaps there are some great songs from Akon that you didn’t know about. We like to give you some trivia and information about the artists featured on our site. Akon is so influencial in the music world we are dedicating an entire page to his music! If you are already an Akon expert, know all the songs, know all the trivia then view our listings on the left side of the page. We promised Akon new songs 2010 and that is what we deliver to you! Like many top hip hop artists, collaborations with other top names often delievers some of the best new songs. Akon songs in 2010 should be no different!

Here are a few excellent websites if you are craving new Akon songs:

Official Akon Website

Wikipedia Page For Akon Songs

Youtube Akon Songs


Hip Hop 2010

#1 New Songs 2010 Hip Hop

Hip Hop songs have seen a lot of peaks and valleys over the years. Hip Hop 2010 however looks great! The amount of new songs 2010 hip hop style should keep most fans happy. On this page we will focus in on the best hip hop songs of 2010 only. As with other pages, we will provide you with hip hop artist profiles and give some cool fact and trivia just for fun!


drake hip hop 2010

New on the hip hop scene, expect big things from Drake in the 2010 hip hop scene.

Originally Drake started out as an actor on the hit show Degrassi: The Next Generation.After that gig ended, he started pursuing his hip hop talent.

He must having something special because he’s worked with some of the top hip hop artists on the planet. This list includes: Jay-Z, Eminem, Kayne West, Lil Wayne and Birdman. Very impressive list I would suggest!

Official Website:


  • 2010 – Thank Me Later
  • 2009 – So Far Gone

2010 hip hop

© 2009 Cash Money

2010 hip hop


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jay z hip hop 2010

Jay Z has a staggering resume. Not just his hip hop records, but his overall success in other ventures that ultimately made Jay Z a very very rich man. Hip hop has been his base, but he didn’t stop there and has become involved in many different projects across many different spectrums. He has done good with his fame and riches. He’s supported and spearheaded many causes including Hurrican Katrina relief and helped to bring awareness to water shortages in parts of the world.

There is a lot of accolades for this top selling hip hop artist. Here is a summary of what Jay Z has accomplished. is debut hip hop album was released in 1997 and was named “reasonable doubt”.

– received 10 Grammy Awards

– over 30 million albums sold in the united states.

– most number one albums by a solo artist
Billboard Top 200

– four number one hit on Billboard Hot 100.

Official Website:


  • Reasonable Doubt – 1996
  • In My Lifetime, Vol. 1 – 1997
  • Vol. 2… Hard Knock Life – 1998
  • Vol. 3… Life and Times of S. Carter – 1999
  • The Dynasty: Roc La Familia – 2000
  • The Blueprint – 2001
  • The Blueprint: The Gift & The Curse – 2002
  • The Black Album – 2003
  • Kingdom Come – 2006
  • American Gangster – 2007
  • The Blueprint 3 – 2009

new songs 2010 hip hop

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2010 hip hop


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Run DMC – New School Hip Hop

run dmc hip hop

The 80’s was a big decade for Hip Hop songs. Take the trio Run DMC from New York. Their style is described as new school hip hop and their self titled debut was one of the greatest hip hop albums ever.

Run DMC were really a break through hip hop act in many ways. They were able to break into the Top 5 songs with “Walk this way”. Previously thought as an impossible achivement for the rap genre. Things changed in a big way.

Their album “Raising Hell” was their peak in the late nineties. The collaboration with rock gods Aerosmith and “Walk this way” went as high as #4 on the pop charts.

Since the eighties, Run DMC has leveled off in terms of success. Having said that, they were a real break out hip hop act that put rap and hip hop into the spotlight.

Official Website:


  • 1984 Run-D.M.C.
  • 1985 King of Rock
  • 1986 Raising Hell
  • 1988 Tougher Than Leather
  • 1990 Back from Hell
  • 1993 Down with the King
  • 2001 Crown Royal



new songs 2010 hip hop

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new hip hop songs 2010


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Love Songs 2010

#1 Love Songs 2010 Listings

On this page we will list the most popular and most recent love songs 2010 releases. Although some music artists release an album of love songs, most often the love songs releases are collections. We will list whatever is released in 2010 so that may include best of or love song collections.

Barry Manilow – Love Songs Master

love songs 2010


Who doesn’t like Barry Manilow? Well aside from critics that is. He has sold over 75 million records over his long career.

His second album titled Barry Manilow II was the break out for his stardom. The single “Mandy” from this album was a #1 song and put him on the map.

Oddly enough, Barry Manilow had a resurgance of popularity in recent times thanks to his appearance with American Idol. Clay Aiken was a chip off the ‘ol block.

The smooth vocals of Barry Manilow are cut for great love songs. Don’t be surprised if you see another long songs 2010 collection that has hits from Barry Manilow.

Visit the official Barry Manilow website.

Visit the Wikipedia Barry Manilow page.



new love songs 2010

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