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R&B, also referred to RnB or R n B is possibly the #1 most popular music genre of today. New RnB songs hit the market almost daily. We know the difficulty of keeping track of the new RnB hits. We want to be your first choice when you are looking for RnB 2010.

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There are lots of different genres of music, but RnB is the true mainstay. You want true talent, amazing voices and amazing performances? Yep, it’s all R&B! We all hope for great RnB 2010 release. Top RnB artists like Kanye West, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Alicia Keys, Beyonce among others are chart toppers for a reason!

With the iPod and mp3 revolution we realize that most of you want R&B samples. Checking out an mp3 sample is usually enough to make a decision on whether it’s worth buying. The beauty of mp3’s is that if you want a couple new RnB songs 2010 releases, you can do it without getting the dud songs.

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Top RnB Artists in 2010 – Who are the 2010 RnB Chart Toppers?


About Sade – A Top RnB 2010 Artist

The most anticipated RnB release in recent memory is from Sade. Set to be released on February 9, 2010, the album “Soldier Of Love” is going to be a top RnB 2010 seller for sure.

Unlike most R&B artists, the band Sade has chosen to be choosy about releasing albums. They have been around for 25 years and this new album will only be their 6th studio album. I guess their lives must be pretty stress free based on that release schedule. Their philosophy from a song writing perspective is about writing songs when they are meaninful. Writing for the sake of write doesn’t jive with Sade.


Video of Soldier Of Love – Sade Single from her upcoming 2010 R&B Album



About Usher – RnB 2010 Artist Profile

Usher has a new RnB 2010 release coming! It’s out on March 30, 2010. Usher was destined for fame. His first album turned gold and he was only 16 when it came out! Since that time he has an impressive 30 million album sales. He has won a Grammy for Best RnB Male Vocalist. Not only can Usher sing, but he is a respecable actor and has been successful at that aspect of his carreer also. His new RnB 2010 release titled “Raymond vs Raymond” is a sure thing to end up as a number 1 best selling R&B album. Here is a video trailer / teaser of the upcoming release from Usher!



Alicia Keys

About Alicia Keys – A top RnB 2010 Artist

If you have lived on planet earth during the past 10 years you know all about Alicia Keys. Perhaps the greatest RnB vocals ever. We can always debate who is the greatest R&B singer because there is old school and new school thinking. Classic RnB vocalists vs. the contemporary RnB singers like Alicia Keys. Regardless if she is the best vocalist ever I think we can all agree that she makes great music and will be a top RnB 2010 artist. That’s just the way it is when she releases music. It’s always at the top of the charts.

R&B 2010 Releases!

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Usher New Album 2010 – March 30
usher new album 2010
© 2010 La Face

RnB 2010 – Jaheim
rnb 2010 jaheim
© 2009 Atlantic

RnB 2010 – Alicia Keys
rnb 2010 alicia keys
© 2009 J-Records


Mary J Blige – R&B 2010 Release
r&b 2010
© 2009 Geffen Records

New RnB 2010 – Sade
sade new rnb 2010
© 2009 Sony

What are the all time best selling RnB records of all time? Glad you asked!

Since we are all about RnB 2010, we thought it would be nice to provide a bit of history about RnB music. There is no better way to do that, then to list the best selling RnB ever released. Perhaps you missed some of this RnB and want to hear some of those songs.

#1. Michael Jackson – Thriller

Released on November 2, 1982, Thriller essentially revolutionized what people thought about R&B music instantly. Putting the star into RnB, Michael Jackson set a new standard. Thriller sold between 57-110 million copies. It is currently the best selling record of all time.

michael jackson rnb 2010
© 1982 Epic Records

#2. Whitney Houston – The Bodyguard

All the American Idol wanabees would be lost without Whitney Houston. The hit from this soundtrack album titled “I will always love you” sold 12 million units which puts it as the highest selling single from a female artist ever. This album has sold more than 42 million units worldwide. Needless to say, The Bodyguard is the best selling soundtrack in history.

rnb 2010 whitney houston
© 1992 Arista Records

#3. Whitney Houston – Whitney Houston

This was one of the greatest RnB albums and one of the most influencial ever. This album created many Whitney imitators as a whole new genre of singers emerged. This was a slow start when it was first released but in the second year there was no turning back. People quickly learned who Whitney Houston was. It has sold more than 25 million copies world wide and had 3 number one hit singles. Although this album didn’t burst onto the scene it had amazing staying power once it got rolling.

best r&b albums of all time
© 1985 Arista Records